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who we are section one

who we are section one

Who We Are

We are a philanthropic impact investment fund based in Zambia that believes that Social Impact Investments can provide  alternative innovative sources of sustainable funding that can address social issues such as Gender economic inequality and education for the most vulnerable children. The various economic empowerment interventions we use are aimed at empowering many women living in extreme poverty with limited or no access to capital.  Our equity capital funding is focused on providing access to cheaper funding that is generally lacking for most women running a micro economic enterprise. Our investment returns from our Equity based empowerment fund are in turn used to supplement donor funding aimed at providing basic education and feeding programs for vulnerable children in severely underfunded community schools. With our unique blended funding approach we are able to provide sustainable funding that is not solely dependant on Donor aid but combines impact investments to address social issues like Gender inequality, poor access to education and basic nutrition for the most vulnerable children. Through our approach we are able to contribute towards the attainment of the Global 2030 Agenda of Sustainable development goals (SDGs) with specific emphasis on  Poverty (SDG1), Hunger (SDG2), Gender equality (SDG5) and reduced inequalities (SDG10) among others.

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