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Through Build A Classroom campaign we will focus on rehabilitation of classroom infrastructure in order to not only improve the quality of the learning environment but increase capacity to increase school attendance.  Classroom rehabilitation will include increasing desk capacity, installation of windows, doors, writing boards and other learning infrastructure requirements.

Classroom Block at Kamwala Magodi in Lundazi caters to 306 primary school  learners

Based on one of the schools rehabilitation budget estimates, it costs between K88,000 to K120,000 per school that caters for as many as 250 – 400 learners.

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Through Our Book Fund Campaign we are providing essential textbooks and Teacher’s guides required for learning in community schools. While it only costs about ZMW56 (US$3.20) per child sharing, children learn without the necessary  textbooks or often have to share a book amongst many other children.  

Learners and Teachers at Katondo Community School in Lundazi Rural that have benefitted from The Book Fund Campaign.

By Partnering with  us you can help us provide much needed basic textbooks required to improve the quality of education for many vulnerable children.

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